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WIMI The Storm

Your home for true Classic Rock in Northern Wisconsin - The UP - and the North Shore of Minnesota


in the morning

6 - 10 AM

... doesn't matter if he's on the AM or FM, he seems to take his brand of hard work & laidback style with him.  Always unpredictable & spontaneous on the air.  When he's not playing classic rock for the Northland, you can find him in the woods or on the water somewhere.

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Our in house 

10 AM - 3 PM

Brian Wick takes you through your work day, especially the Lunch Hour.  Brian's band is Nolium & he loves music & trivia.  Try & stump him with trivia & email Brian.


3 PM - 8 PM

Matt Agee is known as the Comedian of the Air Waves & loves to make his listeners laugh.  He also Loves the Beatles & takes his music history quite seriously.

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WIMI The Storm
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WIMI The Storm


8 PM - Midnight

Nichole Lahti "Lahtida," Our evening Dj.  You can hear her every day from 8 pm to midnight.  Lahtida has many talents, including singer & musician.  Listen to the Sultry Lahti & catch her vibe in the evenings.

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